The Internet is now mature. Search Engines, your visitors and prospects have all become aware of how important it is, but even today we see many "black hat tactics" to get websites ranked higher when all they had to do is deliver new and fresh content and give search engines what they want.

To get a feel as to what this article is about we need to take a look at a little bit of history before moving onto what 2015is about in relation to your website and Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO History

There once was a time when webmasters stuffed keywords into their META Tags, where they used white text on a white background to get hidden content into pages, and just recently it was all about the mass volume of links you had pointing back to your those days (thankfully) are long gone and it's all about content and social media. Basically its back in the hands of the user rather than the webmaster!

Content was always important, but many business owners were looking to get quick wins rather than investing properly in their website and it's marketing. This is one reason why AdWords has worked so well for Google as business owners had to pay search engines to appear in search results as they couldn't get passed what it really took to get your website to a decent organic position.  

Get to grips with your website for better rankings

We don't actually like the phrase "SEO". "Search Engine Optimisation" is the wrong way of looking at how to get your website working hard for your business. "Digital Marketing" is a much better badge and really does encompass what you should have always been doing and more importantly what you need to do now and beyond.

Future posts will go into more detail about Digital Marketing, but we needed to point out that this is how you should look at your online strategy. You have to change your perception of what's required to make it work for you rather than "optimising" to get something from the Internet.

The first thing you should look at is your content. Let's see why this is so important.  

Fresh content will keep your visitors happy

With the advent of Twitter and Blogging the Internet really started to move at an extremely fast pace. New content is being created everyday and there is one really big reason for engines love new content!

If your website has still got the same level of content that it went live with, then you are making a big mistake. You need to start creating new content that your visitors will enjoy reading and will pass onto their friends and social contacts. This blog post is fresh content for our website. You will not see it anywhere else (unless someone steals it!) and has been written by us and no one else.

This post is designed to be informative, engaging and hopefully something you will recommend to others to read. If you have read this far then we have done our job correctly! Do you see our point? We have engaged you, kept you on our site for longer and also built a little more trust in our win, we win!

What should I write about?

Our advice is to think about what your visitors want to read about, keep it simple and punchy and make it easy to find on your doesn't have to be complicated or lengthy, just make sure its engaging!

Here is an example: If you sell static caravans then people that own one will be looking for information related to it. In this example that could be as simple as "how to change a gas bottle". This is an applicable topic within the sector especially to prospects who are researching how they will use their static caravan. Whatever your sector, write content that will keep people interested in what you have to say and give them tools to get the message out to their friends and contacts.

How to promote your new content

Take a look at the right hand side of this page. Can you see the Twitter and Social Media stuff? That is how to do it - don't over complicate things, just start out small and build up your profile. You can tweet your new content to your followers and then let them do the rest.

We also recommend that you email your database of customers and contacts to let them know its available. It'll give you something to email them about and will keep you fresh in their minds. It doesn't matter if they buy from you weekly, monthly or every couple of years - just keep in contact with them so they can see you are creating new content for should reward you in spades!

In Conclusion

Whatever you take from this blog post, please ensure that it is "content is king". 2013 should be your time to take stock of your website strategy, make changes (as detailed above) and then deliver new and fresh content to the people that matter - your customers and prospects. Trust us, this will work for you and has been something we have been saying for a long time.

There are no shortcuts in life, so put your thinking caps on and start engaging your customers today!