Why is it so important to have a responsive website for business?

In the later part of 2012 the buzz surrounding responsive web sites started to kick off however it seems that although we are half way through 2013 many businesses have been slow to react to this emerging and extremely important technology. The most likely reason is that they don't understand what it is, so here we are going to cover what responsive web design is, why it's so important and how you can deploy it for your website.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Have you got an iPhone and are bored with having to pinch the screen to zoom in to be able to use a website? Well these are traditional websites and are soooo old school and are starting to annoy many web users. A responsive web site would alter its appearance to be more usable and this really helps reduce your bounce rate, generates higher conversions and ensures a more pleasurable experience for your customer.

Responsive Web Design Great Results! "Our new web site has really boosted enquiries this year and mobile users get an enhanced experience."
Adam Dobson, Director @ Cardigan Bay Holiday Park

A great example of a responsive web site is Cardigan Bay's website which we have just deployed. This website works great on all devices such as iPhone's, iPad's as well as laptops and desktop computers. Our client really wanted to engage their customers in a slicker way to aid their goal of selling more static caravans in Pembrokeshire. This design and technical functionality really achieves that and they now receive more enquiries from mobile users compared to desktop or laptop prospects.

There are a few different ways to deploy a responsive web site however the technology behind it uses some funky CSS and JavaScript......that's about it! It's always best to build a responsive web site from the perspective of a mobile device and then make it work on larger screens. As a result it will be cheaper for you to invest in a new site rather than bastardising your existing solution. That doesn't mean it will cost the earth, it just means we can build on the latest technologies and ensure that you get the right website for your business.

Should I do this now?

The simple answer is yes. Nearly 40% of all web traffic is now derived from a mobile device so if you haven't got a mobile enabled web site you will be missing out on potential business. In addition your users will become frustrated with their browsing experience and that's not a great thing to have to deal with. Investing a couple of grand in your web site should always be in your annual marketing budget as this is the first port of call for any prospect. As a marketing agency we train our clients to think this way - not so we can make money, it's so we are giving best advice.

What are the costs?

The cost shouldn't be much different to what you would normally pay for a web site. As long as the designer understands the technology and can work with you on the design then it should be a straightforward process. We go into quite a bit of detail at the planning stage which really helps us get an insight into how long it will take us to create your solution. Therefore the costs are transparent and you know up front what the costs are going to be.

To Sum It Up...

Being proactive in your web site solution isn't about always chasing the newest technology, it's about delivering a user experience that your customers and prospects will thank you for. By ensuring that they get that experience you will increase traffic, maximise your conversion rates and make more sales. If you are thinking of your customer then you will need a responsive web site.

Of course we can help, but if you already have a designer then ask them about pulling together a proposal for you. If they are a decent agency then they will agree with everything in this post, but if they don't you know where to come.....to MooMoo! ;-)