We've been designing business cards for years. It's a common thing that we do for our clients. However we've also been to a ton of networking events so have seen our fair share of really bad business cards.

The trick with business cards is to make you stand out and be memorable. That's not to say you need a quirky design, just that your message has to get across within seconds and you should ensure that your details are easily seen. Many business cards cram so much information in that they become hard to read so here are a few tips to avoid the big mistakes lots of people make.

There are two sides...use them

The number of business cards we see with only one side with information on is remarkable. If you have two sides, use them otherwise you're missing an opportunity. A large logo on one side is a great way to get your brand across and the other side should have your contact details. Remember, some people put business cards into holders, so only one side will be seen so bear that in mind with your design.

"White space sells"

If you've ever spoken to an advertising professional you'll have probably heard this saying, and it's true!  You no doubt have a mobile number, office number, address, Facebook account, Twitter account etc. But does all this information need to go one to your business card? Are you losing that "white space" that will help you sell your business? In theory all you need is:

  • Company name
  • Your name
  • Your position
  • Mobile
  • Landline
  • Email address
  • Office address
  • Website address

From this information people will find out your Facebook and Twitter details by Google'ing you and many people do just that! That means you have to ensure that your website is bang on, but we'll cover that in another post. For now, don't clutter your business card with information people don't need. You would love them to follow you on Social Media, but now isn't necessarily the time to give them that information. The fewer the number of details you have your card, the more pertinent your brand will be on this essential marketing asset.

Leave space for them to write on

When you're attending a networking event you'll have no doubt received over 10 business cards. If you attend more than one networking event each week then your business card collection will soon be growing. But how do you keep track of where you met someone or how important they are to you? Well, one option is to write on the business card where you met that person and also to score how hot a lead they are. If there is no space on your business card to do that the person you are speaking to at an event won't be able to record that information.

Armed with this fact, go to your next networking event and see how many people are writing on business cards...it'll surprise you how many people actually do it!

Do you need any help with business cards?

If any of the above helps you then that's great, however if you need some help in your marketing or printing requirements please let us know. We're more than happy to point you in the right direction or even design your business cards for you. You can contact us online or by calling 02922 215845.