As an agency the team have years of experience in search engine optimisation and we are way past being tired of seeing black-hat SEO tactics. Since Google updated it's algorithm with it's Panda update many old-school tactics stopped which was amazing! However we've started to see a host of new tactics appearing that are effecting not only our clients websites but a few massive brands such as Wikipedia.

A Little History

Way back when Google first started there used to be ways that you could bypass search engine rules and get to the top of the ranks really quickly. We never adopted them as we knew at some point that our clients would be punished. We've always been ethical in our approach to SEO to the point where we have not won business as they prospect wanted a quick win and we wouldn't work for them.

These tricks that people used included keyword stuffing, use of common phrases, long documents that made no sense, fake reviews and much more. Luckily Google et al came down hard on the use of these tactics and many were punished by either by being removed or were found seriously down the rankings where they deserved to be!

It Has Been Quiet

    Since Google made those significant changes to its algorithm there hasn't been that much going on in search engine land from an SEO perspective.  We've been happily carrying on building great websites, interesting content and posting engaging social media for our clients.  Gladly those SEO agencies that used bad tactics went out of business as their clients dropped them, but don't think they have gone away totally. They have been sitting and waiting for a time when they can make another fast buck and give false hope to website owners and become a pain for decent agencies whereby we have to go to war to keep our clients websites in decent positions.

They Are Back!

Yes, that's right unethical tactics are back! We have noticed competitors using article-spinning and fake reviews again plus a really awful tactic that pushes their client's competitors down the rankings.

This tactic is called "fake link building". This is where they know what Google doesn't like about a website, it's inbound links and content and goes about creating them.  Rather than working on their clients sites they are creating fake links for competitor sites that Google see as having been created by the website owner. This creates a problem for genuine websites as they are punished, lose rankings and lose business as a result.  We have recently seen over 4000 fake links created for a client that pushed their website down the rankings. All this does is create us a load of work where we have to disavow those links whilst also carrying on with ethical SEO for our clients.

Yes we're angry about it, but that doesn't mean we've just sat around talking about it. We've conducted an extensive investigation into what happened and actually found out who the culprits are!  Now that put a smile on our faces!!

We've been able to ascertain which location the links were created from, the IP address of the ISP, the browser they used, the operating system and after a little more delving have found out the company that did it. Here we have a lesson for them. You've messed with the wrong agency...we've passed your information onto relevant authorities in your country. They were actually pleased to hear from us as they have heard about this kind of activity before and are looking at pulling together an investigation of their own. We have also passed on details of our investigation to relevant search engines who we are sure will keep a close eye on your activity from hereon in!

So what does this mean for you?

When you choose an search engine optimisation agency make sure you ask them about how they perform SEO and ask them how long it will take. If they say it's easy and really quick, run a mile! Don't get me wrong, they will get your site high up the rankings really quickly but you won't stay there for long. In addition once a search engine like Google sees you as a bad site it's extremely hard to gain any decent position ever again. You'll be black-marked for life and to be honest, so you should be!

If you want to use an agency that will get you great levels of traffic and help your convert them into deals then speak to us. As you'll have gathered we know what we are doing and do it in the right way where your website will grow from strength to strength. You can contact us online or by chatting with us when you see the "Chat Now" box in the right hand corner.