As online marketers we understand how important it is to view website analytics on the move. The App Store has a few analytics apps, but none of them really did a great job. The fantastic news is that in July Google finally released their very own app and we really like it!

Why do I need to view analytics?

Understanding how users are interacting with your website is key to its success. The Internet is a changing landscape that moves so quickly and real-time data analysis allows you to get a feel for what's going on, see emerging trends and then have confidence in the knowledge you have gleamed to improve your website.

Third party iOS apps have been pulled together using the Google API (Application Programming Interface), but these never really cut the mustard in terms of delivering consistent information that would allow us to make concrete decisions for upcoming campaign alterations. As this is a native iOS app, built by Google, we have the confidence in the data and therefore can make great decisions on the move.

Key features that stand out

There are many great things that make this app stand out. Here is a quick run down of what we love:

Intuitive interface

We love how simple the app is to use. If you are used to using the iPhone or iPad then this will be really simple for you to get used to and navigate around.

Real-Time Visitor Data

Yep, we said it..."Real-Time Visitor Data" analysis! You can see how many people are on your website right now which is an awesome feature not found in other iOS apps that we have used. You'll be able to see what people are doing, what pages they are on and get an understanding of what you need to do to convert them into enquiries.

It's really quick

We have tried the app on 3G, 4G and on a fibre connection and its really fast which ever network you are on. The Google Analytics website isn't the fastest and you can be waiting for data views to load, but this app is really speedy and will allow to get around all of the important metrics you need in no time at all.

"The devil is in the detail..."

Getting into the detail of analytics is where you will find search engine and site metric's gold. The app allows you to delve into your data and learn valuable lessons on what's working and what's not. Sadly, since Google stopped showing certain Keyword Phrase data we have been left a little in the dark over what keywords are working and nothing has changed in this app, however aspects such as mobile usage, traffic acquisition, landing page analysis and conversion analytics are all there for you to use and gleam information from.

Let me at it...
If you're reading this and want to get to the app straight away then we don't blame you! The Google Analytics app is one that is a must for any web developer, designer, site owner or business person interested in their website's performance.

We'd welcome your feedback on the app, so let us know how you get on by dropping us a line or on Twitter.